The Hack Family Portraits

John Barton Hack and his Family

JBH silhouette
JBH Duryea
JBH Jones
JBH oil painting
Bridget Hack

John Barton Hack was born in Chichester, most probably in the Hack house in Little London, on 2 July 1805 and died at 106 Esplanade, Semaphore, on 4 October 1884.The earliest portrait (1)is a silhouette of Barton as a very young man; it is paired with one of his eldest brother, Edward Sandon Hack, who died in 1826, so probably dates to the early 1820s when Barton was in his teens. The next, (1a), is difficult to date but the beard is shorter and the hair darker than in later portraits, so the photograph may have been taken in the late 1850s or early 1860s, around the time that the family were living at the Coorong. The third, (1b), appears in the composite collection of family portraits that the State Library of South Australia dates to around 1867. The next two were taken at the time of the Old Colonists' Banquet held in December 1871, (1c) by Townsend Duryea and (1d) by Henry Jones. The oil painting, (1e), appears to be based on a photograph (1f); the dress differs from (1c) but must have been taken at much the same time.

Images (1), (1a) and (1e) courtesy of Nicholas and Caroline Darton. Image (1b) is from the composite held by Iola Mathews and images (1c) and (1d) are from the composites B 18891 and B 7677 held by the State Library of South Australia. Image (1f) was given to John Barton Hack, the Younger, by Michael Sheehan in 1984; a copy hung in the Echunga Memorial Hall. Another copy is held by the State Library of South Australia (B 11158).

Bridget Hack née Watson was born on 27 July 1806 in Liverpool and died in Semaphore on 20 July 1881. Her portrait, (2), appears on the family composite alongside Barton, (3). Another photograph is held by the State Library of South Australia (2a), and must date from around 1870.

The identification of Barton and Bridget's children and their spouses is rather more problematical.

Edward Hack
Alfred Hack
Bedford Hack
Emily Hack
Theodore Hack
Charles Hack
Frank Hack
Cornelius Mitchell
Elvira Ansell
Annie Meyrick

Hack family portraitsThe family is shown in a composite group of portraits which must date from around 1867. Two versions exist, one in the possession of the family (A, thumbnail on left) and the other in the State Library of South Australia (B). The latter was presented to the State Library of South Australia by Miss Watson [Fanny Float Watson] of the Darling Library (the one-time medical library of the University of Adelaide) and the identifications were presumably made by her. The provenance of the family copy is unknown, as is the person who wrote the identifications (and corrections) on it. Furthermore, the layout of the portraits differs between the two versions.

Both consist of eleven photographs but in different orders and with different identifications. Barton, (1b), and Bridget, (2), have the central position in both.

The seven children and three spouses are arranged somewhat differently:

There is thus agreement on the younger sons, Theodore (7), Charles (8) and Frank (9), and on Mrs Charles Hack, Annie Brooks née Meyrick, (12), and Mrs Theodore Hack, Elvira Louisa née Ansell, (11). The latter's baby would be Ernest Barton Hack, born on 13 May 1867, which dates the photograph to late in 1867. The Hack's daughter Louisa had died in 1865, so portrait (6) is much more likely to be one of Emily Margaret, who was living in Adelaide in 1867. She was married to Cornelius Mitchell, who is most probably portrayed in (10). Note, however, that Frank did not die young.

On balance, the identifications in A seem more reliable and, in that case, (3) should be Edward (Robert Dall was his son by his second wife), (4) should be Alfred (John Barton and Frederick Theodore were his two surviving sons) and (5) should be Bedford.

Some confirmation of these identifications is provided by a second identifiable portrait of Bedford. He appears in the composite of S.A. Northern Pioneers 1850-1859 in the State Library of South Australia under the label B. Hack, Panana, (5a). Panana was a variant of Pernunna, John Baker's northern station, where Bedford was superintendant from the mid 1850s until the late 1860s. This is clearly the same individual as portrait (5), identified as Bedford in A, though taken some years earlier, before he had put on weight. A date for the State Library portrait around 1859 is plausible. If this is accepted, then portrait (4) is Alfred.

It is, however, strange William that, who was living in South Australia in the late 1860s, would be omitted from the composites in favour of Edward, who was in Victoria at the time. Indeed, according to Shirley and Warwick Hack, Warwick's grandfather, Charles Herbert Hack, the eldest child of William and Emma, had a copy of the photograph (3) and stated that it was a portrait of his father, William.

The final identifications (as of May 2014) are:

And the final identifications for the State Library family composite B 7759 are:

Edward Hack
Elizabeth Hack
Bedford Hack 2
Theodore Hack 2
Theodore Hack 3
Elvira Ansell 2
Emily Hack 2?

There are very few other known portraits and they generally show the sitters late in life:

Images (7a) and (11a) courtesy of Iola Mathews, (6a?) courtesy of Nicholas and Caroline Darton. Images (13) and (14) courtesy of Sarah Skubala.

Descendants of William

William Barton Victor Wagener

Descendants of Theodore

Clement Hack
John Barton Hack, the younger

Descendants of Charles

Charles Gerald Hack
Miliicent Barton Hack

Stephen Hack and his Family

Stephen Hack 1
Stephen Hack 2
Stephen Hack 3
Stephen Hack 4

Stephen Hack was born in Chichester, again almost certainly in Little London, on 14 January 1816 and died in Gloucester on 14 May 1894. The first portrait, (1), an oil painting, must have been painted when a young man before he left England at the age of 20. The third, (1b), is inscribed on the back by Wilton Hack: 'This is the portrait & an excellent one of Stephen Hack taken when he was about 45. He left two children Wilton, married A.M.Stonehouse, Florrence Maria, Wilton Stonehouse dead, W.W.M.S. Hack, Charles Carey, Wilton; Julia, married C.C. Cutler, Mary, Sarah, Julia dead, Florence dead, Nellie, Charles, Harry dead, George, Alfred. Stephen Hack came to South Australia 1836, was drover, station-holder and explorer. A good man, a true friend & a general favourite'. So this must portray Stephen around 1860, when he was active in the far north. In (1a) Stephen appears somewhat younger and in (1c) somewhat older, but there is little evidence to date them.

Images (1) and (1b) courtesy of Julia Hedley, (1a) courtesy of Nicholas and Caroline Darton, (1c) courtesy of June Scott.

Elizabeth Marsh Hack née Wilton was born around 1816 and baptised at St Aldgate, Gloucester, on 12 July 1818 and died in 1915. She and Stephen appear in a photograph taken outside their Gloucester home, Kingsholm Villas, 46 Kingsholm Road, very late in life (2). Lawrence Darton tentatively identified Stephen and Elizabeth (in invalid chair), their daughter Julia Cutler on the right of Elizabeth and Julia's daughter Maria on the left. The two domestic staff in the background may be Elizabeth Brookes and Elizabeth Bullock, listed in the 1881 census in the Hack household at 5 York Buildings, Wotton St Mary. A pair of portrait photographs (3) shows Stephen, (1c), and his son, Wilton. Wilton (1843-1923) appears in (4) and Julia Africaine Cutler née Hack (1842-1913) in (5).

Stephen Hack family
Stephen and Wilton Hack
Wilton Hack
Julia Hack

Images (2) and (5) courtesy of Nicholas and Caroline Darton, images (3) and (4) courtesy of June Scott.

Descendants of Wilton

Wilton Hack and family

Wilton Hack and his wife, Anna Maria née Stonehouse, seated centre, with their children (left to right) Wilton, William Wilton Meora Stephen and Charles Carey. Courtesy of Nicholas and Caroline Darton.

Other family

Brothers and sisters

Edward Janson Hack
Margaret Emily Hack

Images courtesy of Nicholas and Caroline Darton.

Barton family

John Barton the Elder
Maria Done
Elizabeth Horne
Maria Barton
John Barton the Younger 1
John Barton the Younger 2
John Barton the Younger 3

Images (1), (2), (3) and (5b) courtesy of Dr David Barton, (4) courtesy of Iola Mathews (original in Cotsen Children's Library of the University of Princeton), (5) and (5a) courtesy of Ann Griffiths (sourced from Major Robert Barton of Henstridge, Somerset).

Darton family

Thomas Gates Darton
Samuel Darton
Ann Gates 1
Ann Gates 2

Images courtesy of Nicholas and Caroline Darton.

For family details, see Hack Family Genealogy

Henry Watson and his family

Henry Watson

Henry Watson was born in Yarm, Yorkshire, on 26 June 1802 and died in Gover Street West, North Adelaide, on 16 July 1894. No early portraits of Henry are known. He was represented in the composite of those attending the Old Colonists' Banquet in December 1871, (1), produced by Townsend Duryea (B 18891). Two others, perhaps of a slightly later date, (1a)and (1b), are held by the State Library of South Australia.

Charlotte Eliza Watson née Float was born in Selsey, Sussex, on 22 December 1812 and died in Gover Street West, North Adelaide, on 10 March 1892. The only known photograph (2) is held by the State Library of South Australia.

There is an early photograph of William Watson (1773-1858), the father of Henry and Bridget, late in life, in the State Library of South Australia, (3). There are no known images of their mother, Martha Watson née Waterhouse (1770-1855).